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Jeff Turner, Associated Press
This Aug. 14, 2018, image taken from video shows actor Chris Pratt during an interview at the Fellow Bar in Los Angeles.

SALT LAKE CITY — Chris Pratt doesn’t agree with the narrative that Hollywood is anti-Christian, he told the Associated Press in an exclusive new interview.

In a Q&A interview, Pratt spoke on a number of topics, including how it feels to run on screen, working with Tom Cruise and even religious beliefs for himself and for Hollywood.

Pratt has made headlines throughout his stardom for speaking about his faith during award show appearances.

He said he talks about religion because it’s “what I’m feeling called to do right now.”

“I don't know that I am so much more motivated by where the world is or if it's just what I'm feeling called to do right now. I think it's a combination of both things,” he told AP. “… That kind of a message, it might not be for everybody. But there is a group of people for whom that message is designed. And nothing fills my soul more than to think that maybe some kid watching that would say, 'Hey, I've been thinking about that. I've been thinking about praying. Let me try that out.' That's like the only way I feel like I can repay what has essentially been a giant gift in my life.”

Pratt said he doesn’t feel like it is a risk in Hollywood to openly talk about faith.

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“I think that there's this narrative that exists out there that Hollywood is anti-Christian or anti-religious, but it's just not the case,” he said. “They are kind of not anti-anything. They are kind of pro whatever is authentic to you. And I like that. Because it's authentic for me to be pro-Christian, pro-Jesus. That's my thing. I like it. And I've never had anyone try to shame me, to my face. Maybe they go say it behind my back. But if that's the case, go ahead. You can say whatever you want about me — to my face or behind my back. I'm not going to change.”

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