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Utah Jazz guard Deron williams confers with Jerry Sloan during the game with the San Antonio Spur in San Antonio, Texas for the Western Conference Finals game 2 May 22, 2007.

February 2011 was a major turning point in the Utah Jazz franchise when legendary head coach Jerry Sloan resigned and star point guard Deron Williams was traded a few weeks later.

Both events were triggered by a feud between the two, and hard feelings have remained, although a lengthy feature that appeared on Monday by Aaron Falk detailed how Sloan and Williams met together earlier this summer and made amends.

“It left me feeling really good about the situation,” team owner Gail Miller's son Greg is quoted as saying. “Deron had done all he could to put it behind him and make it right. From a franchise standpoint, from our family’s standpoint, we feel like we have closure.”

Donovan Mitchell, Joe Ingles debate BYU-Utah rivalry

The BYU-Utah rivalry has infiltrated the Jazz.

After the Cougars upset Wisconsin last Saturday, Donovan Mitchell sent a tweet congratulating them on the win.

Given that Mitchell sent the tweet three hours before the Utes kicked off against Washington in a game Mitchell attended, Joe Ingles turned into his snarky self and told Mitchell to pick one team or the other to support.

Mitchell immediately put Ingles on the defensive by asking which of the teams he's a fan of, and Ingles gave a very safe answer, which satisfied Mitchell.

Ingles later said he's a Ute fan because of punter and fellow Aussie Mitch Wishnowsky.

A while later, former Utah basketball player Kyle Kuzma, who is friends with Mitchell, joined Ingles in calling Mitchell out for cheering for both teams.

Mitchell ended things diplomatically by sending a tweet in support of the Utes against the Huskies.

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Throughout the offseason, many players around the NBA have posted videos on social media of themselves working out, and that has led to other players calling them out for just trying to get attention instead of working.

Former Weber State standout and current Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard is one such player in the second category. Last week, he took his trolling to another level, posting a video of himself "working out" by completing a series of ridiculous tasks such as a dribbling drill while a "trainer" is shooting a Nerf gun at him and dancing in a hula hoop.

NBA training camps, mercifully, start next week.