Vincent Yu, Associated Press
People walk past debris from Typhoon Mangkhut outside a housing estate near the waterfront in Hong Kong, Monday, Sept. 17, 2018. Hong Kong and southern China hunkered down as strong winds and heavy rain from Typhoon Mangkhut lash the densely populated coast. The biggest storm of the year left dozens dead from landslides and drownings as it sliced through the northern Philippines.

SALT LAKE CITY — Hurricane Florence barreled through the Carolinas over the weekend, leaving the Carolinas with floodwaters and life-threatening landslides as the storm moves west.

The storm has been linked to several deaths across the area.

But Florence wasn’t the only storm creating life-threatening conditions for a country’s residents. Typhoon Mangkhut battered through the Philippines over the weekend, according to BBC News.

What happened: More than 60 people have been killed from landslides and heavy rains. About 32 people died in the town of Itogon alone. Four people died in the province of Guangdong in southern China, BBC News reported.

Rescue teams are currently digging through the rubble as the storm weakens to the south.

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The super typhoon has been called the world’s strongest storm this year.

Videos: Jen Zhu, a fellow at the Aspen Institute, an international nonprofit, shared a series of videos she received that depict the storm’s mighty strength.

Videos inside her Twitter thread include heavy rain:

Others show flooded apartments:

High-rise buildings swayed from the wind:

A crane crashes from the storm:

Read more: Visit Zhu’s entire Twitter thread to see all the videos from the storm.

China is evacuating millions because of the storm, according to CNN.