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Letter to the editor

David Hesligton's letter, "Medicaid expansion offers a merciful hand" (Sept. 5), really struck a chord with me.

Medicaid saved my life. Without question, I’m here today because of this program, and I want people to know how valuable it is. Ten years ago, I was working as a production assistant when I was diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s the scariest news you can possible hear — not just that you have cancer but that it’s in your brain. I could never have paid out of pocket for my care, but I qualified for Medicaid and was able to receive the months of treatment my case required.

I’m still cancer-free today but I do suffer from some after-effects. The remaining cognitive issues don’t allow me to work, but I’m just happy to be alive and thankful that Medicaid continues to cover my regular cancer screenings and all my other care. Because Medicaid saved my life, I believe it’s my responsibility to speak out and tell our public officials to keep this program strong, so it can save others, too.

Laurie Sellers


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