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Letter to the editor

I have observed both of the candidates for Utah's 4th Congressional District closely. Mia Love claims to care about Utah families and represent us. Yet she voted for the American Health Care Act, a bill which would have removed the protections on pre-existing conditions that make it possible for me to have the health care coverage that keeps me alive.

Without these protections I would be uninsurable, and the medications I have to take every day to protect my transplanted kidney would cost as much or more per month than my house payment. Missing even a few days of these would kill me and leave my sons without a father.

By contrast, I have spoken to Ben McAdams, and find his approach to health care to be practical and compassionate. He recognizes that the Affordable Care Act is imperfect and needs fixing, but won't throw the good out with the bad just to score partisan points.

I haven't spoken to Rep. Love personally, because she refuses to hold town halls and her infrequent and brief meeting times with constituents are always scheduled on weekdays during works hours, when those who are working or caring for children are unable to attend.

I see one candidate who truly cares about Utah families, and one who seems to be paying it lip service. For my family, the choice is clear.

Paul Gibbs

West Valley

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