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SALT LAKE CITY — Donovan Mitchell left Louisville after his sophomore season, and it appears the University of Utah is hoping the Utah Jazz star guard will join its squad.

OK, that fantasy ain't gonna happen.

But the Utes' equipment staff is hoping he'll at least sport a personalized No. 45 Mitchell jersey to the next Utah game he attends.

Understandably, fans went bonkers over this fun tweet and sweet jersey. Mitchell has now been personally invited to the tailgate scene, been invited to play receiver and asked if he can actually wear Under Armour gear (the NBA merch is made by Nike).

A lot of fire emojis and exclamation marks were also used in the comments.

"That's sick," one fan (@blake_meservy) wrote. "Good job Utes."

And Spida's response?

A retweet with a bunch of big eyeballs.

In other words, he approves.

"Slot receiver!" TV play-by-play announcer Craig Bolerjack tweeted.

To which 1280/Ch. 2's David James responded: "Offense? Boler you KNOW Whitt moves the best athletes to defense! Free safety, roaming and making plays sideline to sideline. I can see it now!!!"

Not all fans saw Ute red, though.

"The only red worth wearing out here is Louisville Cardinal Red!" a USU fan (@USUTheRightBlue) tweeted at Mitchell. "You’re in blue country here Donny!"

Mitchell approved of that message.

"I appreciate the Louisville support in this tweet," Mitchell wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

Several fans also got on the U. for not making Mitchell's game-attending buddy and Jazz teammate Royce O'Neale a jersey.


Everything about this is great — from the writing in the tweet to the amazing display of athleticism and volleyball talent by Mary Lake.


If you didn't get the message from the Mitchell jersey, the Utes are doing a blackout for this Saturday's Pac-12 showdown with Washington.


Forget the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate. This goat is the true G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all-time) While this isn't exactly a sports tweet, it is pretty amazing. We'll assume it's not a fake, too, just because that would be baaaaaad.


Speaking of crazy animal videos, this might be the real reason why Joe Ingles and Dante Exum moved to the United States.

Sadly, we don't know which snake won.


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