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I read with great interest the article "Former Unified bosses' spending behavior 'troubling,' but prosecutors decline criminal charges," (Sept. 11) and "Ex-Unified fire chief facing calls to resign from inland port board," (Sept. 12) in Deseret News.

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My thanks goes out to the Deseret News for keeping the public informed on this situation. I almost don't know where to start on this. This smells from one end to the other. For Jensen to continue to "serve" on the County Council and the Inland Port Authority board is a travesty at best.

If Jensen had any moral integrity, he would step down from both of these and get off the public payroll. For Mayor McAdams to support him is also very troubling. Although I am not a Democrat, I have had, up until now, a certain amount of respect for who McAdams is and how he has presented himself. I have more thoughts about the port authority, but I'll save that for another letter.

Steve Gilchrist