Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Like Diogenes searching the streets of Athens for one honest man, today our country is searching the Republican Senate Conference for two statesmen willing to stand up to the divisive actions of an unpopular president and his Supreme Court nominee.

Two Republican senators can restore normal Senate procedures for which John McCain pleaded — and a handful of Republican senators claim to espouse — by announcing that they will only vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee who can garner 60 votes in the Senate confirmation proceedings. The 60-vote threshold had been the normal Senate process for Supreme Court confirmation prior to this Senate term in which Senate Majority Leader McConnell employed the “nuclear option” by removing this historical safeguard by modifying the Senate rules.

This will force the current president to nominate a more moderate candidate capable of attaining 60-vote bipartisan support in the Senate.

Robert Jacobs

Cottonwood Heights