Could the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder become playoff rivals in the years to come after squaring off in the first round last season?

In a piece he wrote last week detailing how most teams' climbs to the top often include setbacks (see, playoff series losses), Dan Clayton of Salt City Hoops argued that the two teams' parity when healthy and the fact that playoff rivalries have been formed many times throughout NBA history could put the Jazz and Thunder on a collision course for regular spring meetings.

"People often talk about contention like climbing a ladder, one rung and then the next, a succession of steps moving ever upward. Reality is harsher than that," Clayton wrote. "Contention is rarely that linear. A playoff win doesnโ€™t put a team in your rear view mirror or guarantee any future success, and the Jazzโ€™s own franchise ancestors are acutely aware of that."

All-time starting 5 for each NBA team

Last week, CBS Sports' Colin Ward-Henninger took a crack at creating an all-time starting five for each NBA team.

For the Jazz, Ward-Henninger included John Stockton, Pete Maravich, Adrian Dantley, Karl Malone and Mark Eaton.

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"Andrei Kirilenko is worthy of inclusion, but where?," Ward-Henninger wrote. "You could slide Malone to center and dump Eaton, but that would be pushing it. Mehmet Okur was also an All-Star for Utah, but Eaton's shot-blocking prowess gives him the spot."

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People are always coming up with new Jazz basketball jersey designs, but last Saturday on Twitter, a sweet looking Jazz football uniform popped up.