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Keith Johnson, Deseret News archives
A Taiwanese poster hangs on the wall of the cultural hall March 30, 2006, during the 50th reunion of the organization of the Taiwan mission.

SALT LAKE CITY — General conference is almost here, and many mission reunions will take place for those who served missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Deseret News will publish brief reunion notices on Oct. 2 as a public service.

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Missions may submit their notices at deseretnews.com/reunions. Choose “Submit reunion info” under the title “LDS Mission Reunions” and follow the instructions for submitting the notices. Please be sure to include all required information.

The deadline for publication in the Deseret News print edition is noon on Sept. 26. Notices that arrive after the deadline will not be printed in the paper but will be published on deseretnews.com/reunions. Choose "View all reunions" or "Search" to find a reunion. The Deseret News reserves the right to edit notices for content and length.