Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Schools in Utah will soon become oases of safety if school districts follow the recommendations of the statewide school safety commission.

Buildings will add an entrance security door, and students inclined to violence will be vetted by an increase in counselors. The core of the problem of gun violence was not addressed, however. What happens when the kids go out for recess or go to and from school? At that point, children are just as vulnerable to gun violence as everyone else in a state that refuses to confront it.

But why? The need for tighter gun regulations should be apparent to every thinking citizen — including most gun owners. A universal background check for all gun sales should help keep guns out of the wrong hands. A gun lock-up law for all guns in the owner's absence would reduce suicides and accidents.

The only impediments are the gun manufacturers, the NRA and the state Legislature, which fight for gun rights at the expense of human lives.

Of course we need safe school buildings and more counselors, but our children will never be safe until the NRA no longer owns America.

Ron Molen

Salt Lake City