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Letter to the editor

Having read the article “Housing crisis solution is compromise” by Zach Schofield in Saturday’s (Sept. 1) Deseret News, I share my ongoing frustration.

I am continually amazed but unhappy with the expansion of building developments along the Wasatch Front. Though available housing is needed with obvious growth, I do not like the encroachment of multiple dwellings (apartments, condos, townhouses, etc.) into established healthy neighborhoods. Put such multiple dwellings near main roadways and businesses and leave the neighborhoods alone.

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There seems to be almost a conspiracy to change zoning in vulnerable neighborhoods and city fathers looking for an increased tax base. I support improvements, even multiple dwellings, in old, crumbling neighborhoods (where replacements are a prudent plan). But I am suspicious of developers who seem to be interested in profit only. I further resent the building of homes and other structures on the mountainsides adjacent to the valley communities. Leave the mountains alone.

We need to have green space. Even New York City has Central Park. One of the delights of Layton is the mixture of rural and developed communities with businesses and happy neighborhoods. I petition all city leaders to make accommodations for the balance of nature with living necessities.

Perhaps the old folks are not dying off fast enough to make room for the newcomers.

Elmary Davidson