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In ending my seven-year tenure as an inner-city bishop, three congregants died who needed much more than the Primary Care Network to meet health care needs.

They earned less than $1,500 monthly, struggled to pay rent and were unable to obtain health care and get out of poverty. They ignored significant medical issues until they became catastrophic. Treatment in expensive emergency rooms provided some temporary relief but included medications unaffordable to many and sometimes addictive.

In many cases, all this did not treat the underlying conditions. Despite the wonderful and caring professionals who donate time at charitable clinics, health care is still limited with constantly increasing patient loads. Expanded Medicaid could have helped many, but they did not qualify with restrictive eligibility requirements and limited coverage caps.

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During these last seven years, neither the Legislature or those suffering in silence arrived at any option legally acceptable to everyone. Desperately driven to a long-overdue solution, the citizens initiative Proposition 3 will secure Medicaid and CHIP for thousands of struggling citizens. Faced with no other legislative alternative to date, a "yes" vote on Proposition 3 will expand Medicaid and offer a merciful hand to Utahns in need since no other legislative solution has been forthcoming.

David Heslington

Salt Lake City