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Real Salt Lake midfielder Albert Rusnak (11) chases a duck off the pitch as Real Salt Lake hosts the LA Galaxy at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018.

There have been some nice wins, some exciting goals, some terrific saves and fun times for Real Salt Lake this season.

If you were there to witness it in person, consider yourself a, well, lucky duck.

If you missed it, a duck landed on the Rio Tinto Stadium pitch during the first half of RSL’s match against the L.A. Galaxy. Play was eventually stopped for a few minutes as players and then stadium employees tried — unsuccessfully and humorously, for a while — to corral the fowl.

The TV broadcast joked about Real having a 12th player.

“We’ve had hydration breaks this year,” RSL broadcaster Bill Riley said during his live play-by-play broadcast. “We have not had water fowl breaks.”

Hilarity — on the field, in the stands and on social media — ensued.

RSL Soapbox writer Matt Montgomery humorously described the action on the field:

But once we scored our first goal, it was a party atmosphere. It continued all match. There was a certain sense that we were flying, even before we took off.

But also, there was a duck.

It waddled around, as a duck does. We took a couple corner kicks, and the duck was still there. LA Galaxy had an attack, and the duck was still there. Eventually, the grounds crew came onto the field to chase the duck away, but the duck was still there. Joao Plata chased the duck too, but the duck was still there. Albert Rusnak even tried to get the duck to leave, and the duck was still there.

(I’m practicing for my future kid book career. Don’t judge.)

We're not judging, Matt. We're getting our wallets out to buy the book.

Anyway, one of the agile groundskeepers finally used his athletic abilities and, after being led on a wild goose chase of sorts, managed to snatch the duck like a linebacker scooping up a fumble.

The duck — which proved to be much more lucky than lame — was then released into the wild outside of the stadium.

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As if that weren't entertaining enough, RSL went on to score five more goals to snap a 1-1 tie, won 6-2 and became the first MLS soccer team ever to notch six goals in consecutive matches.

The duck now has legendary status — and an award even.

Of course, some bad jokes were made or could have been made. You know, about birds of a feather flock together and not being able to afford the bill and getting quacked up and running afoul …

A Twitter account was created:

Shirts have been crafted.

And a name was voted on. Meet Kyle Duckerman, RSL's new mascot.