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“Martyrs in Mexico: A Mormon Story of Revolution and Redemption” is by F. LaMond Tullis.

"MARTYRS IN MEXICO: A Mormon Story of Revolution and Redemption," by F. Lamond Tullis, BYU Religious Studies Center and Deseret Book, $19.99, 182 pages (nf)

"Martyrs in Mexico: A Mormon Story of Revolution and Redemption" explores some of the untold stories of the lives of some of the earliest members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Central Mexico, including the political and economic climate of the time that led to the murders of the San Marcos branch president, Rafael Monroy, and one of his counselors, Vicente Morales.

BYU Religious Studies Center
F. LaMond Tullis is the author of “Martyrs in Mexico: A Mormon Story of Revolution and Redemption.”

The Monroy family were well-connected ranchers who were introduced to the gospel in 1913. It didn't take them long to join and become involved in the establishment of the LDS Church in San Marcos. Vicente Morales, who had previously joined the church, became Rafael's employee on the Monroy hacienda, as well as his counselor in the branch presidency.

The unfamiliar nature of the Monroys' new religion led to gossip, which led to suspicion, which led to persecution. Ultimately, when a Zapatista officer ordered the executions of Monroy and Morales, offering to spare their lives if they renounced their faith, neither man would refute his new faith. As a result, they were both shot.

Despite the tragic end to these men's lives, their families' faith remained strong, Rafael's mother even proclaiming, "Our sorrows have been grievous, but our faith is strong and we will never forsake this religion."

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The Monroy and Morales families' sacrifices and faith were instrumental in the church's growth in Central Mexico, eventually resulting in nine wards and two branches in San Marcos and its nearby municipalities by 2015.

While "Martyrs in Mexico" discusses violence and sexual promiscuity, it doesn't describe either in any detail.

Author F. Lamond Tullis received his master's degree from Brigham Young University and his doctorate from Harvard University. He is a specialist in Latin American studies and has been a professor and associate academic vice president at BYU.