The video shows a Colorado bear roaming through the same hotel that inspired ‘The Shining.'
Screenshot, Stanley Hotel Facebook post

SALT LAKE CITY — "Here’s Johnny!"

It’s not every day that you see a bear in a hotel. But in what could only be a scene in a Stephen King horror novel, a bear in Colorado took a self-guided tour through The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, which is the hotel that inspired “The Shining.”

The Stanley Hotel first shared the video of the bear on its Facebook page.

“Late-night visitor from the wild side visits our hotel lobby. We’ll make an exception to the rule about jumping on the furniture,” hotel staff wrote on the Facebook post.

No creepy twins or signs of REDRUM were immediately apparent.

The hotel worker came face-to-face with the bear during the overnight shift, according to ABC News.

The historic Stanley Hotel sits on the base of Rocky Mountain National Park, according to The Denver Post. It first opened in 1909. There are rumors (here's your grain of salt) that ghosts have lived inside the walls.

King stayed overnight at the hotel in the 1970s, which reportedly inspired “The Shining.”

“And while ghosts have reportedly roamed hallways and spooked rooms at the Stanley, a visit by a bear to the refined hotel’s lobby may be a first,” according to The Denver Post.