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I have waited a month to objectively see what the result of KBYU Eleven dropping its affiliation with PBS would be. As a person who watches a lot of PBS, I had my fears. I am now able to report that my fears were well-founded.

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With two PBS stations, there were a lot more programming choices and times to choose from. I find that the "increased variety of choices" talked about by the two station managers before the change went into effect is anything but. Most of the new stuff on Channel 11 was (and still is) almost all available on BYUtv.So what do I have in increased variety? Certainly nothing that interests me.

I don't really expect anything to happen to get us back to the variety and choices we once had, and to me, that's a disappointing thing. The net effect of this change, then, has been fewer choices and less viewing interest, and I find that I now hardly ever watch anything (during the week) on Channel 11. To me, and I expect many others, this was a bad decision on the part of KBYU.

Steve Gilchrist