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Steve Griffin, Deseret News
BYU assistant head coach Ed Lamb talks with reporters during a breakout session during BYU football media day in Provo on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

PROVO — During an interview on BYUtv's "BYU Sports Nation" Wednesday, Merril Hoge levied some serious accusations at BYU assistant head coach Ed Lamb regarding how his son Beau was handled in undergoing a switch from quarterback to running back. Beau, a 6-foot-1, 205-pound athlete, played at quarterback last season and competed at the spot during spring practices before switching over to running back.

Thursday, following BYU's scrimmage at LaVell Edwards Stadium, Lamb addressed Merril's comments and talked specifically about the process of Beau switching positions.

"It's about Beau, and if you want to talk to a passionate dad, then talk to my dad," Lamb said. "Dads stick up for their sons, and I understand that. I'm a father, but my work and my worries are about my relationship with Beau, and I feel like that's in a good spot and that Beau is in a really good spot."

Merril insinuated that Lamb went about making the position switch unilaterally, and further suggested the switch may have had something to do with accommodating quarterback Joe Critchlow, whom Lamb recruited while at Southern Utah. According to Lamb, however, every position change made isn't completely up to just one coach.

"The head coach and the special teams coordinator, on most every team, are the ones making a lot of the early decisions about where we look at personnel," Lamb, who is also the special teams coordinator, said. "The reason for that is the special teams coordinator works with every single player on the roster. There's no player on this roster that doesn't have a job in the special teams area, except for the quarterbacks."

So why did Lamb handle Beau's position change?

"We were missing on offensive staff for a considerable period of time, so we felt that was the right thing to do for the offensive players ... I had a long list of guys that I met with," Lamb said, stating that those meetings were for a variety of reasons. "There were over at least 10 different players that I met with, and (BYU coach Ilaisa) Tuiaki took the defensive side and I took the offensive side, and coach (Kalani) Sitake was doing head coach duties, which are usually not those things."

Beau wasn't made available to the media Thursday but did address his father's comments a few hours after those comments aired.

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"This morning my dad expressed frustrations with my switch to running back in a media interview," Beau tweeted. "My dad is the best father in the world and believes in me, but I'm at peace with moving to running back and excited to help our team in any way I can."

"I haven't always shared my feelings about this with my dad, and that's my fault," Beau continued. "My concerns and questions about playing another position were always answered by coaches in meetings that lasted as long as they needed to in order for me to feel at peace about moving positions."

"I love this coaching staff, I love BYU, and I love my dad," Beau concluded. "I know he's excited for me and supports me no matter what. Go Cougs!"