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Scott G Winterton
Offensive Coordinator, Jeff Grimes talks with friends and media after a walkthrough in their indoor practice facility in Provo on Friday, Aug. 10, 2018.

Jeff Grimes barked out numbers his offense delivered as if he'd memorized and weighed every one of them carefully over the weekend when he met with reporters late Monday afternoon.

It was interesting to hear and see his demeanor, how simple and clear he can evaluate data and attach meaning to what is important.

Grimes said his run game produced 4.8 yards per carry on average, which is good, but he'd prefer that number to be over 5. He said the run game was 62 percent efficient in terms of execution, which he said he can live with this early in the season.

As for the passing game? There were 67 percent completions from his QBs and 63 percent on third-down conversions.

"Our protections could have been better. Some of it was the offensive line, some of it was the routes (by receivers) and some was the quarterback not getting the football out sooner."

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In general, Grimes said the offense scored a touchdown in a hurry-up two-minute drill, and he liked that. There were also plenty of things to be corrected. "That's good for me because that gives me plenty I can chastise them about."

As for Tanner Mangum and Zach Wilson, the two quarterbacks competing for the starting job, Grimes said both had identical numbers, 16 of 21 passes completed.

He said Mangum and Wilson were neck and neck and there were no turnovers by the offense. "It's better to have the right guy rather than the right time" to name a starter, he said, throwing out a Sept. 1 timeline. "But we could do it sooner."