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Letter to the editor

It’s getting harder to breathe — and not just because of recent wildfires. My asthma has given me more trouble in the last year than in the previous 50 years. And the Salt Lake Valley air we breathe continues to deteriorate. I do what I can. I walk, bike, ride public transportation and drive a hybrid. I cut the grass with battery power. Rooftop solar panels generate most of the power we use in our home.

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But my lungs tell me the air is getting worse. Like it or not, we’re all helping the earth to heat up at a terrifying pace.

Please join me in calling on Gov. Gary Herbert and our legislators to take action. A good first step would be to adopt California's emission standards.

We’re well on the path to making the earth uninhabitable. Pursuing short-term profit at all costs is doing us in — or, if not us, our great-great-grandkids. Doesn’t God command us to take care of each other and to be good stewards of this precious, irreplaceable earth?

Bob Nelson

Salt Lake City