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Who do our legislative representatives truly represent? Run-of-the-mill citizens or moneyed advocates?

Where would the new prison be if left to an open vote? Would voting district boundaries be skewed as they are? Would Bears Ears National Monument still exist as it was created? How about Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Medicaid enactment?

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The reason for raising this question is a new issue being put forth as accomplished fact. After a lot of fighting by monied interests, we here in Utah are going to be the home of the world's largest inland port. So what do we of lesser means have to look forward to? Trucks, trucks and more trucks; vans, buses, cars, trains, planes and vehicles of every size and shape. There will be roads and train tracks going hither, thither and yon. There will be high-density housing. We will have an absolute lock on the nation's dirtiest air. Water, open space and other vulnerable resources will be highly stressed.

In a word, all the values I came here to enjoy will be drastically diminished. But good Republicans that we are, we will sustain in office those representatives destructive of our best interests.

If there is a movement out there that says "no" to the inland port, sign me up.

Philip Beck

Stansbury Park, Tooele