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Letter to the editor

In recent times, the meaning of the words “diversity” and “inclusion” have been very subtly undermined.

“Diversity” as it has come to be used today means diversity in every possible superficial way you can think of (skin color, sex, gender, ethnicity, etc.). What it does not mean is any diversity of opinion, or thought in any substantive way.

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Even among a “diverse” group of people as defined above you are expected to hold a certain point of view, and if you do not, well, you will not be welcome. Just try and go to any forum, group, rally, etc., where “diversity” and “inclusion” are the topic of discussion and see what happens if you do not express the correct way to think about and discuss it. The outcome will be anything but inclusive. It's likely you will be jeered, booed, shamed, shouted down and/or asked to leave.

To the “diversity and inclusion” crowd there is no diversity of thought, or inclusion of any opinion outside of the accepted one. The effect this has on our young people is becoming clear, and it is chilling. They are taught in government schools and much of the media to be in lockstep with the stipulated and socially accepted way of thinking, or they will be social pariahs.

Taylor Gifford