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"In their Footsteps: Mormon Pioneers of Faith" is by Donald G. Godfrey.

"IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS: Mormon Pioneers of Faith," by Donald G. Godfrey, BYU Religious Studies Center and Deseret Book, $29.99, 432 pages (nf)

“In Their Footsteps: Mormon Pioneers of Faith” by Donald G. Godfrey chronicles the history of four generations of the Godfrey and Card families, from 19th century England to Nauvoo to northern Utah to Canada and parts in between.

Provided by Donald Godfrey
Donald G. Godfrey is the author of "In their Footsteps: Mormon Pioneers of Faith."

“This work tells the story of the men and women woven together by circumstance, with love for each other, a familiar faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a determination to ‘hold to the iron rod’ no matter how many turns their lives took,” Godfrey wrote in the book’s preface.

He expertly mingles the minutiae of daily life within the context of each era and its historical background — from pioneer times to the late 1900s, painting an authentic and engaging picture of “common” members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The book, divided into four parts, covers the years 1800-1887, 1839-1906 and 1887-1980, with the final section offering a summary and some reflections on the history. Godfrey has been thorough in his research, using family diaries, journals and correspondence, as well as public records and archived resources owned by the LDS Church. A few maps, along with black and white photos from both public archives and family albums, enhance the text. The author includes a selected bibliography and an index.

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Although there are many interesting stories shared and events documented in the text, it is a formal history dense with information, and is not a quick read. However, it is the density of the information that offers such an intimate glimpse of what life was like across the generations for not only the Godfrey and Card families, but for many others like them. It's well worth the read.

Other than one isolated swear word, there is no swearing or foul language, violence, or sexual innuendo contained in this book.

Godfrey, currently a professor emeritus at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, has written numerous articles and books, among them works documenting LDS history and media, such as “Philo T. Farnsworth: The Father of Television.” Now retired, he continues to write from his residence in Arizona.