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Letter to the editor

Thanks for sharing the lessons presented by the soccer team trapped in the cave in Thailand ("Inside the newsroom: What a soccer team can teach us about the culture wars," July 7). The amazing world focus of “how do we help the children?” is a great example. It’s not about who gets the credit, rather it's about the best ideas to save them.

Comment on this story

One way over a third of the members of Congress are working to help children is by co-sponsoring the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. This bill will help end the preventable deaths of millions of mothers and children in our world every year. Now it is time to get this legislation out of committee and passed. We can do our part by asking those who represent us in Congress to do just that. Our voices used in this way can be a part of this process to end these unnecessary deaths.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Washington