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Letter to the editor

As horrific as they are, school shootings should not be publicized. It is cruel to not honor the victims of such a gruesome act, but the article honoring the victims causes the shooter to be glorified and honored as well. Typically, the article gives the name of the shooter, the motives, the weapons and the victims' names. Three out of four items are about the shooter, giving them more attention then they should ever receive for the horrendous act they committed.

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Publicizing atrocities like this glorifies the act, which can set off a string of copycats. For example, if the motive was revenge for bullying, anyone who is being bullied could see this as a solution to their bullying situation.

The copycat effect is the most likely culprit for strings of school shootings explained in the above paragraph. Knowing someone has done it and got a glorified result would be good motivation for someone else to commit a similar crime.

If you do choose to publish school shootings, please publish minimal information about it and focus on the victims.

Jordan Pilati

Spanish Fork