Adam Fondren, Deseret News
Jeff Grimes speaks during the press conference introducing him as the new offensive coordinator for the BYU football program in Provo South on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017.

PROVO — New BYU offensive coordinator Jeff Grimes has challenged his players to compete, be disciplined and work hard every day. It's the culture that Grimes is trying to instill.

“I think everybody wants to win on game day. The larger question is, Who wants to win on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when the preparation is going into it?” Grimes said. “In relation to how our guys will respond in the heat of battle, I think I have a pretty good idea of how most of them will.

"We tried to create a lot of pressure for them during practice. We try to create a high-energy environment. I put pressure on them to perform. We’ll throw a guy out of a drill or move him to the back of the line if he’s habitually fumbling or missing assignments. I think how guys respond to those moments give you a clue as to how they’ll respond.”

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: BYU passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Aaron Roderick said the coaching staff has invested a lot of time in helping players improve.

“A big part of our plan to improve this year was individual development of each player," Roderick said. "Everyone looks for the answer of who the quarterback is going to be or what new players have we added or what new scheme have we added. A big part of what we’re doing is developing each player to play a little better than he played in the past.

"If you get a whole offense of guys that are playing a little better, the collective improvement can be really big as an offense. Then you add a couple of new players and you get a good scheme going and you find a quarterback that can execute, you have a chance to be good.”

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THE ADDITION OF COLLIE: BYU coaches are optimistic about what graduate transfer Dylan Collie can provide the Cougar receiving corps this fall.

In three seasons at Hawaii, Collie played in 39 games and caught 118 passes for 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns.

Grimes said Collie will make an immediate impact.

“What he’ll bring to us more than anything — obviously experience and obviously the ability to perform at the receiver position — but even more so, some confidence and the right kind of attitude and a little bit of swagger that we need right now.”