A loaded gun was found in a women's bathroom at the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper on July 10, 2018.

DRAPER — Police say they will present information to the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office regarding a loaded gun that was left in the bathroom of an aquarium Tuesday.

According to a press release Wednesday from Draper Police Department, the owner of the gun called to claim ownership of it late Tuesday evening.

"After further review of the facts of this case, we reached out to the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office to review this incident. We will be presenting this information to the District Attorney's Office who will decide if there is enough evidence to support a criminal charge," the press release stated.

Police Tuesday evening said they were not planning on recommending charges against the owner of the gun — should they come forward — but hoped to ask them questions.

Draper Police Sgt. Scott Adams said the woman who owns the gun called police after the story made headlines.

"She was extremely apologetic, extremely upset and embarrassed about what she had done," Adams said.

The woman told police she left the gun on the changing table and used the restroom, after which her kids "started running around" and she got distracted, according to the sergeant.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said his office will need to review the police report, but "there is a certain forgetfulness, a certain recklessness, in not knowing where your weapon is" in a public place with children around.

Police and prosecutors said reckless endangerment charges could be considered in the case.

Alyssa Fujimoto said she found the gun in the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Tuesday afternoon while visiting with her two small children.

Fujimoto said she went into the restroom, which was near a play area where "kids are going in and out of all day," with her 4-year-old son and newborn to change her newborn's diaper. On top of the folded changing table she spotted what looked like a wallet. When she picked it up, she realized it was a gun.

"My child who came in with me, he usually opens the changing table for me, and this time, he was using the restroom while I went in. So I went to open it, and if it would've fallen, it was loaded, who knows?" she asked.

She called police, who retrieved the gun while patrons of the aquarium were kept out of the bathroom.

Fujimoto said she believes charges should be recommended.

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"That should never happen that guns be set … in an area that has such a heavy flow of children. And it was a tragedy waiting to happen," she said Tuesday.

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in a statement confirmed the aquarium has a "no weapons policy."

"The Draper Police are handling this and contacting the owner to find out what happened. … The safety of our guests and staff is always of the utmost importance to us," said Caroline Ralston, director of marketing and public relations for the aquarium.

Contributing: Ladd Egan