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Lindsey Stirling looks at an orb of light in "First Light," her new music video.

In the past few weeks, YouTubers with ties to Utah have gained hundreds of thousands of views on their videos, featuring everything from World Cup magic tricks with Stuart Edge to a new music video from Lindsey Stirling.

Utah magician Stuart Edge tested his latest magic trick on YouTubers Lee Liston, Rj Idos and Devin Graham. Edge invited the YouTubers to pick from a list of teams competing in the World Cup and wrote the team names on small slips of paper. Edge also wrote down his prediction for the World Cup winner without revealing it to the others.

After putting the slips of paper in a cup, Edge instructed Graham to scatter them, eliminating teams if the slip of paper with their country landed face down on the ground. After repeating this process twice, only one team remained: Mexico, the same team Edge predicted to win at the beginning of the magic trick.

Lincoln and Dan from “What’s Inside” also caught World Cup fever last weekend, but for a different World Cup tournament: the IBSA Blind Football Tournaments in Madrid, Spain. According to the video, blind soccer players compete in the “Blind World Cup” every four years.

The blind players use a special, loud soccer ball, so Lincoln and Dan cut one open to find out what makes the extra noise.

Violinist Lindsey Stirling released a new music video for her original song “First Light,” in which Stirling experiences the light of the moon, the sunrise, rain clouds and eventually the light of the sun.

“We all have a powerful ability to create light regardless of our surroundings or situations,” Stirling tweeted along with a link to the video. “The sun will rise tomorrow and with it a new chance to choose gratitude and love. It’s a daily choice to be full of joy.”

During the video, Stirling and her dance partner, Paul Karmiryan, dance with a bright orb of light. According to Stirling’s Instagram account, the duo filmed the video dancing with a lightbulb on a stick to make the light effect work properly when it was added in editing.

The Utah-based vocal group Spark also released a new music video recently for a cover of “Wonder,” a Christian song by the band Hillsong United. The video features Noelle Bybee, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who appeared on season eight of "The Voice," according to Spark’s website.

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The song focuses on recognizing the wonder and beauty of the world. According to a Facebook post by the videographer, the video was filmed in St. George.

Five-year-old Claire Crosby also showed off her musical talent this week in a video testing her perfect pitch. The test had two parts — in the first, her dad played a note and Claire gave the note’s name, and in the second, she sang the note after her dad gave the note's name.

The video confirmed what her dad, Dave Crosby, already suspected: Claire has perfect pitch.