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Cedar Fort
"The Missionary Special Forces: Strategies for Going to the Rescue" is by Greg Trimble.

"THE MISSIONARY SPECIAL FORCES: Strategies for Going to the Rescue," by Greg Trimble, Cedar Fort, $15.99, 192 pages (nf)

At the age of 21, Greg Trimble was living what could have been called a dream life. A talented baseball player, he surprisingly gave up a sports scholarship to serve an LDS mission. “The Missionary Special Forces: Strategies for Going to the Rescue” relates much of his humorous, yet painful, experiences of letting go of pride to be a better servant of God. Along the way, he teaches lesson after lesson regarding how focusing on Christ brings true happiness and conversion.

Provided by Greg Trimble
Greg Trimble is the author of "The Missionary Special Forces: Strategies for Going to the Rescue."

Although he’d made the difficult decision to give up baseball for a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Trimble wasn’t able to leave right away. Instead, a wise bishop declared he’d need to wait and undergo more preparation before serving. Looking back, Trimble decided this was the best thing his bishop could have done. While a desire to serve a mission is a good one, being properly prepared is of paramount importance.

Trimble does an excellent job teaching about spiritual preparation as well as warning what kinds of attitude adjustments may need to take effect during missions. Among other things, he talks about loving investigators, getting along with companions and the importance of understanding the doctrine. He even has great post-mission advice, as well as a warning as to what can occur if lessons learned during missions are forgotten.

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Packed with wise advice and interesting gospel trivia, this book is a great one for any member of the LDS Church. The personal stories, fabulous quotes and easy-going writing style add to the contagious enthusiasm Trimble obviously has for missionary work.

In “The Missionary Special Forces,” the many chapters written to future full-time missionaries can also be read by any members of the church seeking to strengthen their testimonies and understand better how to share the gospel.

A former LDS institute and seminary teacher, Trimble lives with his family in California.