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YouTube Screenshot, Mark Rober
YouTubers Mark Rober (right) and William Osman put the finishing touches on the world's largest lemon battery, which Rober used to help power a Volkwagen electric supercar that broke the all-time record at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb earlier this week.

Mark Rober, a YouTuber who graduated from Brigham Young University and worked as an engineer for NASA, powered a Volkswagen electric supercar with lemons, a zipline and solar power — and he reached YouTube’s “trending” list in the process.

According to the video description, VW gave Rober the task of powering the supercar, which raced in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. According to Wired, the supercar not only won the race June 24, but also broke the course’s record by 15 seconds.

Rober’s first method to power the car was with a lemon battery made from over 1200 lemons, but it only produced as much power as a single AA battery. Next, Rober created a zipline that a group of children used to charge a regenerative drill battery.

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When the lemon and children couldn’t power the supercar on their own, Rober turned to solar power, which charged the car battery to full capacity so it could compete in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, win the race and break the record.

Since starting his channel in 2013, Rober has received over 452 million video views and 3.3 million subscribers. Rober has also appeared regularly on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and even gave a speech about learning for TEDx Talks.

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