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It is time to call out the State School Board, the Legislature and the governor of the state of Utah. According to the Deseret News article from June 9, "With SAGE testing on its way out, 9th- and 10th-graders to shift to Utah Aspire Plus test," the board has adopted a new assessment (testing) for ninth- and 10th-graders at a cost of $81.1 million over 10 years. Are they crazy?

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If the public knew, for instance, how many police officers we are "down" in this community because their pay is deplorable and their retirement has been decimated by the Legislature, and if the public truly knew about the teacher shortage and their deplorable compensation, and the critical affordable housing shortage in this community — all the public would be up in arms, so to speak.

This state cannot afford to keep ignoring critical needs like these to waste millions of dollars on such a senseless thing as testing.

Gail Groves

Salt Lake City