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I am amazed at those who are still criticizing President Trump, especially based on poor information or strictly conjecture-based from their own uninformed attitude. Our country is 100 percent better than it was with Obama as president, and can you imagine the catastrophe we would be in if Hillary had won?

Do those criticizing the president not understand the crookedness she and the Democratic Party were exercising over the FBI and her own crooked use of email materials and destruction of evidence? That she and Bill received millions of dollars in possible payoff money through the Clinton Foundation?

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President Trump loves America, he has raised a fine family, is a strong Christian, has America running better than ever and even donates his salary back to charity. If it is his immigration policies that bother some of you, he only wants "legal immigration," which we clearly need, and it is Congress that cannot get immigration problems corrected.

How many of those who favor all immigrants being allowed into our country are willing to take maybe five to 10 of them into your homes, feed, clothe, educate, take care of all medical costs and any potential criminal costs so society does not have to do so? I don't believe very many. President Trump is doing a great job and deserves our support, not unwarranted criticism.

Larry Harris

Pleasant Grove