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Winston Armani, Deseret News
First responders work a Starbucks in Millcreek where police say a vehicle crashed into the building, killing one and injuring five on Friday, June 8, 2018.

SALT LAKE CITY — Two people who were injured when a truck plowed into their table outside a Millcreek Starbucks, killing a woman who was with them, have been released from the hospital, police said Wednesday.

The trio was sitting at a table outside the strip mall at 4744 S. Highland Drive when the truck jumped a curb at a high speed and struck them Friday morning. Joslyn Spilsbury, 48, was killed, leaving behind a 3-year-old daughter.

Her friends — Roger Kirwin, 47, of Sydney, Australia, and Robert Dillard, 84, of Salt Lake City — declined interviews through Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera. Kirwin was released from the hospital over the weekend, and Dillard was released Friday.

"They just want to be just left alone so they can heal. This is a really tough time. They lost a dear friend," Rivera told reporters.

Another man, 47-year-old Mitcheal Sellen, of West Jordan, remains unconscious and in critical condition, Rivera said. He has a medical condition that may have forced his hospitalization, but investigators also believe the truck hit him, Rivera said. Detectives don't know where he was at the time of the crash and do not believe he was a part of the friend group, she said.

Police initially said five people were injured, but they later tracked down Sellen at a hospital and identified him with the help of family members, bringing the total to six, said Unified police spokeswoman Melody Gray.

The truck's driver, who was pulled from the vehicle by emergency personnel after the crash, was released from the hospital Monday. Investigators were seeking to speak with an attorney for the driver, 34-year-old West Walker, of Oakley, Summit County, who earlier this week was "not being very helpful," according to Rivera.

"We're still trying to work with him and get his side of the story," the sheriff said Wednesday. She said it's not clear if Walker was going to the Starbucks at the time of the crash or if he knew any of those injured.

Two children in his truck, ages 6 and 7, suffered minor injuries. Police had not interviewed the children as of Wednesday, Rivera said.

She emphasized that there is no evidence the crash was intentional and that police believe Walker may have experienced a medical issue. She said the crash was consistent with others wherein drivers have had a seizure or a diabetic episode, forcing their foot down on the gas pedal until the vehicle hits something.

"It was quite the distance," she said.

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Detectives are awaiting a toxicology report, Rivera said, but she said there were no obvious signs that substance use contributed to the fatal crash.

"There were no beer cans flowing out of the truck or any needles that we saw right on scene," she said. Detectives were continuing to speak with witnesses and reviewing surveillance video, Rivera added.

"I've had coffee at that exact same table and I felt very comfortable there," Rivera said. This is just something that you would never, ever guess would happen."