Deseret News
Letter to the editor

In response to Doug Wilks’ “Inside the newsroom: He jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and now wants to save your life” from June 9, in 1948 I was stationed in the Coast Guard in Oakland, California, and was contemplating jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge to become the 100th jumper. At that time, my life consisted of a grey series of alcoholic binges, and I felt life was futile and without purpose.

However, I decided to give life one last try and began attending (for the first time) various churches in the area to see if there were any real answers to my questions — what, if any, purpose is there to life, what happened when we die and did we live before this earthly existence?

After a number of fruitless searching efforts, I found the answers to my questions. Now, 70 years later, I give daily thanks that I searched before jumping.

Wesley Craig

St. George