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Recently, the argument on immigration has flared up again. Many people believe we should build a wall along the southern border and that we shouldn’t let any immigrants in. Others say to let them all in and give them citizenship. However, neither of these extremes is a realistic solution.

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Something in between would be a better idea. Instead of preventing any immigrants from coming, we could have gates along the wall that require background checks from any immigrants from traveling through. That way, we are not risking illegal drugs or terrorists. Additionally, the kids and descendants of immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States. They committed no crime. How are you going to get every child of an immigrant out of the country? That will be time-consuming and expensive. The United States is already in deep debt. Of course, if the children of the immigrants were to commit crimes again and again, those particular people could be deported.

In conclusion, we need to find a compromise between no immigrants and all immigrants. We need a realistic and helpful solution, not an extreme. All that will do is make people mad. We need a helpful compromise that will satisfy both sides, not an extremist idea that is on one side or another.

Evan Williams

West Jordan