Deseret News
Letter to the editor

Headlines call our attention to the record-breaking drought that is threatening our agricultural economy this year in Utah. Information states that the conditions in Utah are similar to the conditions preceding the devastating U.S. dust bowl of 1938. I doubt most people in the state even bothered to read the articles describing the seriousness of the situation, or are contemplating, in any manner, to consider measures to prepare for or try to mitigate the seemingly obvious outcome.

In the same newspapers, we hear of new construction projects to accommodate Utah's spiraling population and business growth. For a community formed on the site of a previous desert, we are just asking for trouble. I hope someone in state government is intelligent enough to realize there needs to be a moratorium on growth. Let's not be so short-sighted that we can't see the problems ahead and prevent even more serious problems.

Darlene Bennett

Salt Lake City