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On Monday, the International House of Pancakes rebranded as “IHOb,” or, the International House of Burgers. Yes. Burgers.

SALT LAKE CITY — Several burger restaurants have a beef with IHOP.

On Monday, the International House of Pancakes rebranded as “IHOb,” or the International House of Burgers. Yes, burgers.

The food franchise announced seven new burgers to coincide with its temporary rebrand. Several of the burgers contain bacon, eggs and hash browns, showing the company is merging its breakfast history with a new burger future.

Social media went ablaze with reactions, with many people saying they didn’t support the switch. Twitter users also asked whether IHOP would still serve pancakes or if it was completely focusing on burgers.

But it was other burger-selling restaurants that really kicked off arguments with IHOb. Denny’s, Wendy’s and Whataburger, among several others, all tweeted at IHOb to ask questions about the company’s new direction.

As USA Today reported, Burger King went as far as to change its Twitter picture and logo to say “Pancake King.” That's some low-key shade.

Denny’s response was a little savage.

Whataburger promised it would never change its name.

Wendy’s didn’t hold back from its own savagery.

Checkers & Rally’s used a popular Captain America meme to join in on the fun.

Chili’s tried its best to join the conversation, too.

To be fair, IHOb did say the decision was only “for the time being.”

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Beefs between burger franchises is nothing new. Wendy’s and McDonald’s have traded shots back and forth over the years. Back in May, Wendy’s tweeted at McDonald’s after the burger franchise announced it would switch to fresh beef in its Quarter Pounders, CNBC reported.

Wendy’s didn’t hold back.

Wendy’s chief concept and marketing officer Kurt Kane told Business Insider the company didn’t want to let McDonald’s beef decisions go unnoticed.

"We wanted to make sure that people aren't confused about what is communicated and what is reality," he said.