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FILE - A year after its creation, Salt Lake City has found more users handle citations on the city's website than appearing in person.

SALT LAKE CITY — A majority of Salt Lake residents now handle parking tickets and other civil citations online rather than in person, according to a new city assessment.

Sixty percent of all citation hearings are now being handled online.

The program, created in May of 2017, has offered an online alternative to appearing before a hearing officer in person. After a year, the city has appeared to have found success in the Parking and Civil Citation hearing portal.

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“Most people report having a positive experience with the portal,” Lisa Packwood, Salt Lake City director of revenue and collections, said in a press release. “Many are surprised at how easy it is to resolve a ticket online.”

Since 2017, over 7,500 people have handled their citation through the portal. Of those, 90 percent of which were able to resolve their online hearing in one day.

“The portal isn’t just for parking,” Packwood said. “You can have a hearing on other types of civil citations as well, such as snow removal, alarms and ground transportation.”