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Privatizing the United States Post Office would go a long way to finding solutions. Even though competitors pay taxes, licensing and other regulations, they still are able to realize a profit. Mismanagement and intransigence is why the United States Post Office can’t do the same.

The foremost problem is Congress and the postal workers' union streamlining, closing remote offices by 10 percent, updating obsolete mail handling equipment, cutting Saturday delivery, setting wage levels to the economy and reducing employee numbers in line with demand. Eliminating the federal monopoly on first class mail delivery would destroy competitive edge and the petty punishment for employee carriers of first class on international mail.

In Japan, the post office provides banking services, bill paying on the phone, savings accounts and some credit services, all done with ATMs requiring no employee interaction or cost. There is no reason America can’t offer the same.

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Rate changes in first class costs are the easiest way to increase revenue. However, other classes of mail rarely increase with cost, as these classes are the basis of revenue, and a raise could have a further negative effect on income.

Additionally, they have an enormous fleet of vehicles made-to-order that need maintenance and replacement. Cost-cutting could reduce this cash drain by leasing and the use of neighborhood kiosks, saving mailman feet and costs.

While the Constitution may require a post office, there is nothing saying the government must be owner and manager. All that’s needed is the will of the people and a responsive Congress. Term limits is a must.

JW Scott

West Jordan