National Park Service
Historical sketch of the new town site at Jamestown Island, Colonial National Historical Park, Virginia. The sketch is one of more than 32,000 records available to the public on a new National Park Service website.

WASHINGTON — The National Park Service has unveiled a newly launched public website — — that is making more than 32,000 park records available to the public.

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Academic researchers, students, history enthusiasts, educators and the like will discover a multitude of collections. For example, the collection contains the original drawings of the main immigration building at Ellis Island National Monument, a concessionaire shop in 1933 at Muir Woods National Monument and historical documents of Alcatraz Island.

The park service created the site to accommodate the public’s need to access drawings and documents in a convenient, user-friendly, digital way. Users looking to draft historical studies, project planning, or studying natural and cultural resources will now find a plethora of resources at their fingertips.