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The Columbus Dispatch shows an LDS missionary working to help a Bhutanese-Nepali refugee learn English.

On Tuesday, the Columbus Dispatch introduced readers to Tulasi Bisda, a 74-year-old Bhutanese-Nepali refugee and the four LDS missionaries who are helping her learn English in a class where they serve as teacher's aides.

“The young men, all missionaries from Utah with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aren’t just helping Bisda learn English,” Danae King reported. “They’re also studying for hours each day to learn her native language, Nepali.”

Kevin Birch, stake president of the Columbus Ohio East Stake, said that his stake recognized an opportunity to welcome the more than 20,000 Bhutanese-Nepali refugees who live in Columbus using church resources.

A Bhutanese-Nepali couple moved into the area from Utah and began attending LDS Church meetings, but communication was difficult due to a language barrier.

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As a result, Birch requested that missionaries be assigned to specifically serve the Bhutanese-Nepali community. The missionaries’ schedules now allow them to meet weekly with a Nepali tutor.

The article reports that the missionaries seek to help the refugees in any way possible including helping them move, set up WiFi and accompanying them to buy cars.

Birch explained to the Columbus Dispatch that he hopes the missionaries can help the refugees gain needed skills in order to succeed in their new home. He also said that he wants the refugees to understand the gospel and the purpose and power of baptism.

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