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A woman serves in the Bishop's Storehouse on Welfare Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, as a senior missionary. The Church provides many opportunities to serve for senior missionary couples including in their community where they live.

A new website, aimed at recruiting senior missionaries and helping them find opportunities to serve, has been launched.

Seniormissionary.lds.org was announced April 17 on the Newsroom page of the Church’s website, lds.org.

“The website that we’ve created is a wonderful thing for us because we’ve taken all of the departments in the Church that need senior missionaries and who have been recruiting senior missionaries, and we’ve brought them all together on one website,” said Elder Brent H. Nielson, General Authority Seventy and executive director of the Missionary Department.

“Senior missionaries are absolutely critical to our work, and we have thousands of them serving. But we only have about half of what we need,” he explained. “We hope that in the retirement plans of senior couples and their plans for what they want to do in their life, that included in that is the opportunity to go serve a mission.”

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The new site is interactive and allows Church members to compile an online wish list of service opportunities by using tools to input their preferences. Questions such as how long they want to serve, the level of monthly expenses they can afford and where they would like to live are among the preference tools. Language skills, preferred assignments and medical needs may also be inputted.

“What we're trying to do is to allow a couple, in their very own home, to sit down at their own computer,” said Elder Nielson. “They can see at a glance all the opportunities all around the world — and technology has just opened up to us the ability to do that — and then to match their abilities with the needs that we have.”