Adonija Foster, 2, died of smoke inhalation Saturday, April 14, when a blaze ignited in the room where he was napping, according to the San Juan County Sheriff's Office.

ROCKLAND RANCH, San Juan County — A toddler whose birth was featured on a cable television show about the boy's polygamous family has died following a house fire, police said.

Two-year-old Adonija Foster died of smoke inhalation Saturday when the blaze ignited in the room where he was napping, the San Juan County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

Members of his family family star in the TLC show "Three Wives, One Husband," which details their lives in the small fundamentalist Mormon community. Family members attempted to revive Adonija before emergency crews arrived, but the boy was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the sheriff's office.

Two others in his family were treated for smoke inhalation and released the same day.

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A GoFundMe campaign set up Saturday had raised more than $42,500 as of Wednesday evening for funeral and medical expenses.

"The Fosters have helped so many people, expecting nothing in return. This family can use all the support they can get and I know they will be forever grateful. Let's rally together and help them overcome a growing financial burden during this tragic time," the page reads.

Correction: A previous version of this story misidentified the faith of polygamous families in the community. It is fundamentalist Mormon, not Fundamentalist LDS.