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I read the remarkable piece by David Jenkins and George Handley titled “Let’s keep the Creator in our national monuments” from April 11. I write in grateful support of their simple but profound premise — don’t mess with nature.

I believe with utmost conviction that there is an indescribable perfection to the lands we call our national monuments and parks.

I have stood on high precipices in gazing, even absorbing, the depth and brilliance of our splendid red rock country.

Hiking to Delicate Arch. Camping in Canyonlands. Mountain biking by Cedar Breaks. Meandering among hoodoos at Bryce. Feeling old bones at Dinosaur. Eyeballing fall colors at Capitol Reef. Peeking at the sunrise over the pinnacles of Zion.

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These moments could easily be called religious, in the sense that there are powers beyond our comprehension that created these lands that humble us, inspire us, restore us.

But I must be a derelict driftwood of a human because I am hopelessly unable to fathom this dastardly pursuit of profit exemplified by demolition derbies on our geologic treasures.

I speak, of course, of our lemming electeds who would fork over vast swaths to the diggers and drillers whose promises clearly eclipse common sense.

Thank goodness English offers a word that matches such arrogance:


Ken Kraus

Salt Lake City