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I agree wholeheartedly with David Jenkins and George Handley from the April 11, 2018 article "Op-ed: Let's keep the Creator in our national monuments." Our nation’s natural landscapes are sacred to members of many faiths and cultures, and are some of the few places where all citizens can come together to learn respect for the land, for each other and for their Creator.

The world’s great religions are all built on the fundamental tenets of love, compassion and selfless service to one’s neighbor. Our national monuments, and the antiquities of landscape, culture and artifact they protect, are supreme examples of such compassion. Why would any of us seek to destroy our national monuments, and the Antiquities Act that made them possible, for selfish gain, when we can instead work together to protect our common ground?

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Politically, our national monuments can and should be where our ideals of democracy take full shape. National monuments remind all Americans of our country’s origins, our traditions and the hardships our ancestors persevered through. They represent the communal spirit and progress that is possible when all Americans come together for the common good.

Let us respect our traditions by protecting the places where our ancestors roamed, and have faith in the future inspiration that these same places, left intact, will provide our descendants.

Jared Meek