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Contrary to Raymond Mayo's April 5 claim that the Second Amendment's "stated purpose" was to establish a militia, the Second Amendment simply states that the militia is necessary "to the security of a free State." Accordingly it states: "the Right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed." This right isn't limited to national defense. It ensures any lawful purpose, including personal and family protection.

People are responsible for their own safety. The military isn't going to protect you from criminals, and likely neither are the local authorities, who generally arrive at the scene long after the act. They clean up the mess and begin their investigation process.

Mayo will be happy to learn that since the Firearms Act of 1934, almost no private citizens own fully automatic military assault rifles. They require federal tax/licensing, and cost many thousands of dollars. In fact, the only documented shooting with a machine gun since then, ironically, was committed by a law officer.

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I give Mayo credit where credit is due. He quoted John Adams saying: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people." I agree. Morals imply personal responsibility. We can learn from the Stoneman Douglas tragedy. There were several missed opportunities to prevent it. The FBI was informed multiple times about Nikolas Cruz threats, but did nothing. The school resource officer didn't go inside the school when he heard shooting. Also, the deputies waited until long after. There was not a high level of individual responsibility displayed.

Rob Robinson

Salt Lake City