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Letter to the editor

With athletic ability in this day and age, it is very important that young athletes get to experience multiple sports, rather than specializing in just one.

By playing multiple sports, it minimizes athletes' odds of suffering an overuse injury by 70 percent during their season. This allows them to use other muscle and bone groups and avoid overusing one particular group.

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On top of that, research shows that 88 percent of college athletes surveyed participated in two or more sports prior to their collegiate career. As athletes are being recruited, college coaches have stated that they want more players who don't specialize because they tend to have more athletic abilities.

Lastly, there is less burnout among young athletes who participate in multiple sports. Burnout is common in young athletes who are not exposed to different sports at young ages. In order for athletes to have a long and successful career in the future, it is key for them to experience a variety of sports at young ages in order to keep their interests in athletics high. It is in an athlete's best interest to play multiple sports rather than focus on one.

Anthony Reyes

St. George