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Letter to the editor

The Deseret News has added a column by a nationally known personality, Marc Thiessen, who is fair to President Trump. His article in the March 25 edition titled "Trump isn't the most moral man, but he's good for religion" is a great example.

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He states that Trump has "one moral quality that deserves admiration: He keeps his promises." If you are religious and have not supported Trump because you think he doesn't share your values, you may be surprised. Read Thiessen's article to see how much our president has actually done to defend religious liberty and lives of the unborn, as he promised.

Thiessen concludes by saying that "he is not the most religious president we have ever had, but he may be the most pro-religion president." He adds a statement that should be familiar to and resonate with most Deseret News readers: "Christian conservatives are judging Trump not by his faith, but by his works. And when it comes to life and liberty, his works are good."

Ron Paxton