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Salt Lake County Jail
Abigail Grace Thomas

WEST VALLEY CITY — A West Valley couple was charged Friday with abusing their 15-month-old child, "whooping" and beating the boy "approximately every other day."

Kiamante Delano Thomas, 23, and Abigail Thomas, 23, of West Valley, are charged in 3rd District Court with four counts of child abuse, a second degree felony.

According to charging documents, Kiamante Delano gave his young son "whoopings" that included hitting him with his hands, a belt and an electrical cord.

"He estimated hitting (the boy) up to 10 times with the belt and 10 times with the electric cord," the charges state.

Abigail Thomas used a hairbrush to spank the boy, and admitted to "smacking" him on the mouth, according to the charges.

The homeowner told police that Kiamante Thomas is his second cousin and he, his wife and son had been living with him for the past six weeks since moving from Missouri.

"During that time, Kimante and Abigail kept (the boy) in their bedroom and did not allow him to play or socialize with anyone," the charges state.

The homeowner described the boy as "very thin," and one time when the boy's shirt was lifted, he saw bruises, according to court documents. That's when he contacted the Division of Child and Family Services.

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Another visitor reported that Abigail Thomas said "she does not feed (the boy) meals," the charges say. The visitor noted that the boy "appeared to be weak and couldn't stand up for very long."

The boy was eventually taken to a doctor who "found him to be emaciated, with little to no body fat, and all of his ribs visible, which is consistent with severe neglect," court documents state.

Other injuries were also observed by the doctor.

Prosecutors have requested bail be set at $500,000.