A white stag was spotted in Utah on Thursday.

Lisa Jensen, of Farr West, said her 3-year-old daughter spotted a pair of stags out in the yard, one of which wore white fur.

“They spent a few minutes inspecting our place. It was incredible! I had never seen a white stag. Now I know it is because they are extremely rare,” she said in an email to the Deseret News.

On Thursday, her 3-year-old daughter spotted the deer outside the window. The family watched the deer from inside their home.

The deer walked around the house, passed by nearby pine trees and then ended up in the front of the house, Jensen said. She added that another car stopped in the road to watch the deer.

Courtesy Lisa Jensen
Lisa Jensen, of Farr West, said her three-year-old daughter spotted a pair of staggs out in the yard, one of which wore white fur.

Jensen told the Deseret News that she and her family moved to Utah last fall and asked a neighbor if they ever see any deer. Her neighbors told her that deer sightings are rare.

Though rare, white stags have popped up across the country, including some in Charlottesville, Virginia. The country of Scotland has also seen a slew of white stags pop up in recent years.

According to Fox News, white stags have an unusual appearance because of leucism, which creates a loss of pigmentation.

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The animal has long existed in British tales and folklore. In fact, during Celtic mythology, a white hart is called a messenger. In King Arthur legends, the animal helps lead spiritual quests, Fox News reported.

Jensen said she learned from her husband that the white stag belonged to someone else in the area. Still, the deer's mystique intrigued her.

“You know they say this is the stuff of legends — a good omen or sign to go on a quest. I think we are on that quest, raising our children here in this beautiful place in Farr West,” she wrote to the Deseret News.